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"This is more than Trade Credit insurance"


A leading independent specialist Trade Credit Insurance Broker with global reach in 68 countries with 750 specialists as the sole UK member of the International Credit Broker Alliance (known as ICBA UK).
Our knowledge gained over the years in domestic and global trade, credit and debtor risk management and receivable finance puts us in a privileged position to help our clients.

Our ambition and determination to support our clients to secure maximum credit limit approvals that make a difference, which enables growth and access to increased receivable funding. We strive for payment certainty at a competitive premium. We continue to commit to investing in leading-edge compliance software and product innovation to aid in the smooth running of a policy.

Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Firm NO: 307850 and member of BIBA (British Insurance Broker Association).
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The Role of the Specialist Broker

"This is more than Trade Credit insurance"


The role of a Specialist Broker is more than to simply secure a competitive premium on the right policy structure. Any Broker that is keen to add value must become an extension to the risk mitigation function of their client’s business. The Broker must invest in innovation which ensures maximum credit limits and a high level of policy compliance, therefore, ensuring greater levels of payment and claim certainty.

This includes pre-vetting credit limits, having in-depth industry sector knowledge, provide an understanding of debtor risk and requirements of receivable funders to ensure maximum available working capital to support growth and ultimately profit/shareholder value.

What is also important is our understanding of the many daily challenges businesses face and supporting them with insightful, innovative solutions combined with a robust commercial view if the cover is not agreed in full.

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