EFCIS always provide an amazing service immediate responses and a great relationship with the Underwriters at Allianz which is always a great help, I feel that EFCIS is a fantastic broker always there to help and provide the latest updated information regarding buyers! 1st class service!
It’s refreshing in this commercial age to find a company that is eager to support our business and simplify any additional administrative requirements. EFCIS is one such company with whom we have worked for the past three years. They have demonstrated excellent market knowledge and helped to improve our own in-house procedures and controls. I strongly recommend them as a valued associate.
I have worked in the Construction industry for over 25 years now and so appreciate the importance of having an insurance policy to support the business for whom I am working.

This is the case when times are good or bad, as limit requests and the provision of discretionary limits, tend to give you an early warning system in relation to your trading accounts. We have recently changed from a global policy to a UK based local one and the assistance afforded to us by Louise and her team has been much appreciated and enabled us to undertake a lot of risk assessments in a very short space of time. Thanks for that
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