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ARC (Analysis of Risk & Compliance)
A company’s sales ledger is fluid and changes daily. The performance of this asset must be compliant with specific Trade Credit Insurance policy terms and conditions for a claim to be paid.

To increase future claim payment certainty, EFCIS has developed the industry’s first policy compliance software called ARC (Analysis of Risk and Compliance) with limits download provided by the 3 leading global underwriters.

ARC maps the performance of the sales ledger with the specific policy terms and conditions, and endorses credit limits and generates a policy compliance report. This highlights various policy breaches at the debtor level and what is currently insured and more importantly not insured. ARC works in collaboration with the Insured to correct these breaches to assist policy compliance moving forward. This increases the certainty of any future claims being paid and maximum credit limit approvals.

“What risks are you taking even though you currently credit insure? Why not find out by asking us to run a complimentary ARC report.”
It’s important that the use of ARC does not replace the requirement of the insured to ensure policy compliance.


E-Audit checks whether a policy is fit for purpose. It is an on-line application developed by EFCIS. The process involves asking a series of set questions and scoring the answers to establish a policy structure compliance score. The output highlights where improvements can be made. “Is Your Policy Fit for Purpose and why not run an E-audit to find out?”

Additional ARC Tools

Discretionary Limit Calculator - Calculates an insured value within the scope of your discretionary limit

Notification Calculator - Provides a date for when a particular debtor must be reported to Underwriters in line with your policy terms and conditions.

Limit Tracker - EFCIS has developed an online tracker application to monitor and manage client’s credit limit appeals.

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