Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance provides cover for businesses for an insured loss incurred due to non-payment of a domestic or overseas invoice(s) due to the insolvency of the end customer or non-payment after an extended period of delay (protracted default).
A policy can also include political risk cover, pre-credit, consignment stock, as well as trade specific clauses to cover risks in various sectors.

There are many types of policies available. These include whole turnover, single or multi debtor, export, domestic, group programmes, catastrophe, losses arising/attaching, balance outstanding, top up or true syndication.

Increasingly policies are being leveraged to secure receivable funding as it provides a degree of added comfort to increase working capital availability to support sales growth.

Other Services

EFCIS MaxCredit

Ensuring that a company’s rating and credit limits with suppliers, underwriters and information provided is based upon up to date and accurate financial data to ensure maximum open account credit terms/lines.

EFCIS MaxScore

Develop a debtor scorecard to help increase sales with AI predictive payment dates with greater alignment to your specific business needs and available working capital.

EFCIS MaxFunding

Ensuring maximum funding availability, Invoice, Supplier, ABL and Group cross boarder funding.

EFCIS MaxFraud

Identify, report, and introduce fraud mitigation procedures.

EFCIS MaxTrade

De-risking a transaction by identifying each predetermined transactional risk indicators and control the flow of funds to enable increase sales and payment certainty.
For more information on any of these services please contact us.
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